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¿que es esto, gringo? [entries|friends|calendar]
Dr. Tomislav Krzysztof Nöla

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"All the Queen's Men" [14 Oct 2008|11:14pm]


[27 Sep 2008|10:17pm]

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Rabbitnacht 2008 [31 Aug 2008|10:58am]

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Halloween [29 Aug 2008|11:54am]
Leave your calendars open for Friday, October 31st (Halloween). I will be holding a special album premiere in Cambridge, MA and attendance is mandatory.

Details later...

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"Aberration" [26 Aug 2008|11:42pm]
In case you needed a specific reason to obtain this recent audio/visual gem...




Recommended listening... [22 Aug 2008|08:40am]
Out now and highly recommended...


[21 Aug 2008|08:40am]


[13 Aug 2008|10:38pm]

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On Disques de Lapin [22 Jul 2008|10:10pm]
Out now...

Cumming soon...


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[06 Jun 2008|11:15am]


"Negroes admire with the of the size - we will surpass them!" [20 Apr 2008|08:36am]

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Out now on Disques de Lapin... [07 Mar 2008|09:56pm]

"A Taste of Lapin"

Celebrate Spring and reincarnation in style with this delightful Disques de Lapin compilation. Whether it's the 1987 cassette demo of the David E. Williams hit "I'm In Love With The Ambulance Driver", a rare old O Paradis track, Miss Moonshine's take on the standard "It's Only A Paper Moon", or one of the other 13 outstanding numbers, you'll be choking on this chocolate rabbit for decades.

Other acts include: cosmic internationally unknown windchild Stavo Craft, time-travellers The Universes, Barcelonan dance-hall gods Comando Suzie, guitarist extraordinaire Jerome Deppe, depressing creeps Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre, erotic trumpeteer Eric Dahlman and the well-dressed Shiva the Destroyer. Also introducing promising new acts Oval Portraits, The Puntice Reflection and Polly Eurothane...and more? Hear them now, idolize them later.

This release is a silk-screened CD-R in a vintage 45 sleeve with artwork and treats inside. No two are alike. Order soon to get it in time to make your Easter a Gloomy Sunday.

1. Miss Moonshine - "It's Only a Paper Moon"
2. Oval Portraits - "Crying Windows"
3. O Paradis - "Satoru Nakata"
4. David E. Williams - "I'm in Love with the Ambulance Driver (1987 demo)"
5. The Puntice Reflection - "Sky Weighed"
6. Polly Eurothane - "Buy Sexxx Mail"
7. Jerome Deppe - "Ode to Joy"
8. Stavo Craft - "Time is New Today"
9. Shiva the Destroyer - "Roxbury Station"
10. Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre - "Gloomy Sunday"
11. The Universes - "A Ghost Grows Up"
12. Eric Dahlman - "Geystliche Gesank Buchleyn"
13. Spone - "Untitled Theme #63"
14. Adolescent Sarah Sings - "I've Written a Letter to Daddy"
15. Comando Suzie - "Wild Puppets (We Love You So)"
16. Alessandro Moreschi - "Ave Maria"

TRT: 54 min

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Thursday nacht... [28 Jan 2008|09:58pm]
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre
The Universes
Txoka Txoka

P.A.'s Lounge
Somerville, MA
18-20 = $10, 21+ = $7


Out now on Disques de Lapin... [26 Jan 2008|05:34pm]

Fronted by Dustin T. Rooney (Dustmuffin & the Aluminum Cans, "To The Wolves..."), The Universes debut with a consise and powerful collection of far out space anthems. Pay special attention to the epic "Anything's Impossible", the mournful "Metatron" and the intergalactic "Semi-automagic" for starters. The 10 new tracks come in a blue 7" record sleeve with artwork on a silk-screened CD-R. Available from eskimofilms.com and discerning shops worldwide on disc or digital download.

1. Lezbionique
2. Semi-automagic (sample)
3. Face the Sensation
4. Metatron (sample)
5. Being in Space (sample)
6. Happy Kitty
7. Being in Space (instrumental)
8. Nova-Boss
9. That's Not Your Wife, She's a Killing Machine
10. Anything's Impossible (sample)

31 min


Reminder: This Friday... [22 Jan 2008|01:07pm]

Hey, world...don't be a square. Attend this.

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Out now on Eskimo Films... [07 Jan 2008|11:53pm]

Follow Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre through alleys, clouds of intoxication and across the globe! ¡En Vivo! is comprised of 2 films: an hour-long document of the group's recent American performances, and another featuring the one-off September 2007 concert in Barcelona, presented in its entirety. It even includes some music videos and a duet performance with David E. Williams! Watch out...you're about to go sterile with glee.

- DVD-R in clear slim DVD case
- Region free
- About 120 min. (give or take)


* Program 1: 'The Piano Has Been Drinking Blood: Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre live in New England'
* Program 2: 'Live in Barcelona'
* Program 3: Extras - "Kinderbund", "Children in the Fall" and "Tierlexikon" music videos plus Thomas Nöla vs David E. Williams in Philadelphia

Thomas Nöla
Tony Primavera
Gerard Paul Powers
Demian (O Paradis)
David E. Williams
Karen S. Langlie
Raul (Comando Suzie)
Eric Dahlman
Melissey Castvet


"Bei Mir Bist Du Schön" [07 Jan 2008|10:53pm]


"Tierlexikon" [07 Jan 2008|10:44pm]


Live in Barcelona... [07 Jan 2008|10:32pm]

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[06 Jan 2008|12:04am]
Filming on "Happy Birthday, Cake Eater" has begun. Things are weird.

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