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Disques de Lapin Presents: "Rabbits in Your Stocking" LPN9 - CD-R

Your Christmas wishlist was horribly incomplete...until now. Celebrate the holiday that has the highest suicide rate in style with Disques de Lapin's x-mas epic "Rabbits in Your Stocking", a showcase of Lapin artists and friends of Lapin ringing in the season of snow.

Featuring the already-known Lapin acts Stavo Craft, Oval Portraits, Polly Eurothane, the can't and the Universes, the album also features fresh face Jim Ether. Love Demian of O Paradis? Well, you'll hear him twice, under his usual moniker as well as in a preview of the future Demian/Nöla supergroup Les Paradisiers. Not enough for you?!? Then you'll certainly enjoy two tracks by Naevus and their earlier incarnation Winter...all the way from the crumpet fields of England, no less.

You want more? Try on a track from Jerome Deppe's new album, or his comrade David E. Williams as he offers up a version of "I Believe in Father Christmas" that will make you thirsty for soy nog and hungry for cyanide. Perhaps a Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre carol co-written by Ernest Hemmingway will do it for you. No? Well, the child-like melancholy of Miss Moonshine's "Stile Nacht" WILL!

Presented in a hand-stamped chipboard arigatopak, "Rabbits in Your Stocking" is sized to fit in almost any stocking. Order right away for delivery before XXXmas.


1. Jim Ether - "Good Morning Jessica"
2. David E. Williams - "I Believe in Father Christmas"
3. The Universes - "Ballistic Missletoe"
4. Oval Portraits - "MotherPlease"
5. O Paradis - "Angeles de Arena Secan sus Corazones"
6. Winter - "Brown is the Colour"
7. Jerome Deppe - "Rose Madder"
8. Polly Eurothane - "Pookie Xmas Jerry"
9. Les Paradisiers - "Shoot the Moon"
10. the can't - "Sunday With Jacky (In Denton)"
11. Stavo Craft - "Sing:Snow:Seasons"
12. Naevus - "The Orchard"
13. Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre - "Merry Christmas, Good Luck & Goodbye"
14. Miss Moonshine - "Stile Nacht"
15. ?
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