Dr. Tomislav Krzysztof Nöla (drnola) wrote,
Dr. Tomislav Krzysztof Nöla

Out NOW on Disques de Lapin...

How does the world appear through only a single rose-tinted lens? With the release of Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre's full-length epic "The Rose-Tinted Monocle", listeners are whisked through an antique pink psychedelic haze to the lonely rings of Saturn. Along with the Boston-based orchestra, the album features 3 songs with Demian of O Paradis and appearances by David E. Williams and Jerome Deppe. Conjuring up images of forgotten piano bars, sock hops, and dilapidated orchestra pits, "The Rose-Tinted Monocle" erases the lines between genres, creating its own. Relying heavily on grand piano, vocal harmonies, harpsichord, cello and vibraphone, this album stresses the ORCHESTRE in Thomas Nöla et son...

"The Rose-Tinted Monocle" is presented on stunning ROSE-TINTED vinyl with a CD or digital download of the album. Your choice.

Available worldwide via the ESKIMO/LAPIN SHOPPE (www.eskimofilms.com)as well as soleilmoon.com.
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